Sunday, December 9, 2012

section 5

At last they made it to camp on Elephant Island !—a camp dubbed Wild Camp. They then prepare a boat to make the nearly impossible trek to South Georgia Island, send the boat on its voyage, and settle down to a monotonous and dreadful life ashore Elephant Island waiting for some future rescue. After making landfall the men eat and then hunt several seal which are in relative abundance on the remote beach. After eating they sleep "'as we had never slept before, absolute dead dreamless sleep, oblivious of wet sleeping bags. At this point they still have minor problems to deal with and have to get rescued, but they made it through the big obstacles they faced.


  1. I personally think that one of the worse parts of their journey is being forced to wait for someone to rescue them. I am happy that they finally get to sleep because they earned it. I agree, that they have faced many terrifying obstacles. At this point of the book I wanted to call someone to rescue them, so they didn’t have to endure such harsh conditions anymore.

  2. I could not believe the men had made it to Elephant Island and have to wait for one of their men to get rescued. I am curious if there was any of the talk among the men of just leaving those who needed to be rescued. It must be taken into consideration because these men wanted to find civilization more than anything.