Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post IV

        The last section consisted of many ups and downs as far as the feelings of the men, regarding optimism, positivity and negativity however this section took a new turn, things were moving along.  At first everything seemed anything but good.  From the whales surrounding the men to a man falling into the water after ice began to crack under his tent.  This was their first attempt to leave Patience Camp which eventually led to Shackleton's decision of no longer camping.  They began their sail with hopes of a different destination, instead they landed on Deception Island, hoping that there would be food here yet again their hope was crushed.  The weather appeared to once again interrupt their plans, resulting in another set back and getting caught in a current.  Now that their living conditions were altered, other hazards that at one time were not considered a problem became a new founded issue.  Living on a boat made water an enemy, splashing onto the vessels getting the men wet when the temperature was below freezing.  Blackboro could not feel his feet and Hudson got frostbite on his hands.  
        The voyage became even more complex when the boats separated and the Docker disappeared. Finally all of the boats found Elephant Island, a destination that seemed like a lost cause, all three boats were able to reach it.  Once they all found a safe spot to land, as hungry and tired that they were they still could not be happier to be able to camp again.
        Although this section started off rocky, reaching Elephant Island was nothing short of a stepping stone to reaching civilization and having hope again that the mens live's may in fact be saved.  It was almost as if they knew that there was a reason they had to make it through the hardships at the beginning of this section because this difficult journey actually had a purpose.