Thursday, December 6, 2012

Endurance Post #5

The men finally reach land! It was incredibly exciting when they reached land, but soon after it was disappointing when they realized they could not stay there for long due to the fact that intense weather conditions did not make it suitable to stay on. The men in general showed an immense amount of motivation because they continually had hope they would eventually get rescued. In my opinion, I am completely unsure of how my motivation level would be. Obviously, I would have to be nothing but optimistic because there is no other choice unless I would desire to die. Although, I believe I would have no incentive to keep hope alive. Additionally in this section, the men continued working together. Team work most likely aided in keeping the motivation of the men high! Again, like I stated in previous blog posts, Shackleton is an amazing leader of this expedition and most likely is the majority of the reason the men stayed as motivated as they did. 

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  1. I have no idea how i would be mentally at this point either. It's so bittersweet for the crew to reach land but have no civilization. I don't know how i could bear going on another trip to sea just to potentially have another disappointment ahead of me. A year is a long time to be going through constant life struggling situations. I definitely agree that having Shackleton as a leader was the best possible choice in terms of survival for the men.