Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Project Post

General Overview:
     During the process where students have to pick classes, I never have any idea of what I'm getting myself into. I only picked Motivation because it fulfilled a Psychology requirement. Of course the purpose of continuing your education is to learn but in most of my classes, I can honestly say I do not learn much. I have learned a lot in this course, especially things that I do, face, and see in my everyday life. For example, I am afraid of dogs. Every time I see one, I would freeze up until it walks away. This is called tonic immobility or freezing behavior in dangerous situations. In general, I have learned that different things motivate people for different reasons. Seeing a dog motivates me to get myself out of the situation so i stand still until I feel safe again.

Favorite Part:
     My favorite part was reading chapter three. Within that chapter, it covered food preferences. I love food! This chapter helped me until why I like some of the foods that I do like. I am not omnivorous which is being able to eat a variety of foods. For me to love food, I am a very picky eater. I am what you would call a food neophobia. I avoid certain foods and only eat what I am familiar with. I asked my mom what she she eat a lot of while she was pregnant with me and she said french fries; I love french fries or just potatoes period. I was drawn to this chapter because as you can see, I love food.   

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