Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Endurance Post 4

Just to know that this voyage has lasted for over a year is pretty crazy. Dealing with the obstacles the men have faced so far and maintaining motivation to go on really illustrates the human will to survive. Shackleton and the crew encountered a pretty big scare when a crew member pointed out that someone was missing. Even I, just reading the book, felt a little bit nervous for them because the men have already gone through so much and to lose a member of their crew would be devastating at this point. Their conditions still seem to be pretty bad, and its pretty amazing that they all remain so adamant about finishing their journey and not giving up.
Throughout the section the weather gets pretty harsh and certain points, and they prove to be detrimental to the men because it was hindering them from getting an adequate amount of sleep. Just to imagine being in a position where falling asleep could result in death is a pretty scary concept. Even such mundane tasks as using the bathroom proved to be difficult and problematic for the men. Large waves put the Docker in danger of being completely filled with water, but luckily the men were able to save the boat. The injuries the men have been facing have been getting serious as well. The whole journey seems to just have been one big struggle, and yet the men continue to push through. Finally, by the end of the section they actually reach land! Just reading about their determination gives me hope that their journey is going to eventually come to a close with them getting home safe.

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  1. This section really tested the true power of the human spirit. The weather somehow got worse then it already was. The men continued to carry on. I was amazed by this, because I feel like a normal person would have given up hope by now.