Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post 2

In section 2 of the book, everything revolved around preparing for survival. Shackleton asks the men to get rid of anything that is not necessary to live. The men dumped things such as clothes and books. For this reason, the men are preparing for the boat to sink and try to decrease the weight of the ship. The men also had to live off of rations of food and adjust to the whale blubber. The chapter really seemed to test the men’s character and moral. Although things were looking grim, they still seem highly motivated for the trip. Although the Endurance is slowly sinking and food was scarce the men still amaze me through their positivity. 

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  1. The men did seem more optimistic then I thought they would be. I believe this is a true testament of the motivating skills of Shackelton. If he would have panicked, I feel like the moral of the crew would be completely different and more hostile.