Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post 5

In section five the men finally make it on to land after more than a year. Although the men were excited to have made it, I felt as if I was personally feeling the emotion with them. I found it amazing that they even made it this far. If that was me, I do not think I would have been as strong or motivated as them. The men ranged from different diseases, infections and injuries over the vast trip. After they make it to land, a small unit of men are sent to get help while the others must await their return. The suspense has been building throughout the entire book, yet I think now is the most crucial. The men have come so far and so close yet not close enough. The story of their journey has made me feel fortunate for the simple pleasures in life; running water, a warm bed, dry clothes and edible food. The courage in these men is enormous and teaches an important lesson of bravery, brotherhood and survival. It is incredible what the human body is capable of. 


  1. i definitely agree with this post. It took a lot of mental strength for them to make it to the end like they did. It did take courage and unity for them to make it. We definitely do take all that we have for granted. At time stories like this one reminds us to be grateful and humble.