Monday, December 10, 2012

Section 5

As the crew has touched land, one cannot help but wonder if this will turn to be a better situation for them, but the natural resources of the land seems to keep them alive. After being on board of the ship for over a year, their immune systems have depleted, but overall, the men seem to get better as time goes on. Shackleton led the entire journey with confidence, and it amazes me that at this point, he lets his hope deplete. I think this is because he had always unconsciously had no hope for the voyage past Section 3. Now the crew members are able to eat the meat of animals that live on the island; this helps them recover from weakening for the journey. As a whole, the group helps build a shelter for themselves, but of course this shack that they built would have problems. Imagine moving all these men into a small shack that is made from rocks and wood. This shelter is crowded, dark, and cold. The weather outside is much worse though, as it is below freezing with intense winds that blow through the cracks in the hut. Where will this journey take us next?

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