Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Project Post

General Overview:

This semester in class was really eye opening. I knew a lot of what motivates us in life to keep living life already. The thing i was lacking to see was how in depth our motivation actually is. Homeostasis, sleep, eating, stress, addiction, and relationships are all things that motivate our lives. What this class has pointed out to me is how much all these things are necessary just to be able to function on a daily basis. 
I would recommend this class to anyone who wants an overview on motivation. Prof. Berg provides slides in class and online with tons of examples. Upon definitions and facts, many real life instances are used to back up almost every topic we cover. If the same book Endurance is used throughout the next semester, it's a prime example on how much we take for granted and what we need to survive from only the basic essentials.

Favorite Part:

This brings me to my favorite part of class. In every set of lecture slides, Prof. Berg has at least one video to back up whatever he is talking about. I watch thousands of youtube videos at home, so when we were shown so many videos in class I was really excited because it made everything more interesting. A lot of them have humor behind them, but it still seriously relates to motivation. 


A huge part of motivation that we didn't really cover is music. If you are ever stranded alone it has been suggested to sing to yourself to keep your sanity (so I've read).  This was also shown in a movie i watched last night called The Life of Pi (which would be a great assignment for next semester Prof. Berg!) I couldn't find the scene i wanted because the movie is still in theaters. Here's a trailer to explain the movie:

Music is universal that connects every society together. Humans are constantly changing music and taking ideas from all different cultures across the globe. My friends and i are constantly listening to music or making it. Some of it is just fooling around but once in a while we do an okay job. Here is a video of my friends and I just hanging around singing to pass the time. I'm the video photographer because i have NO musical talent whatsoever. And ignore my friend in the first 30 seconds, she's obnoxious lol.


One thing in class the Prof. Berg pointed out to the whole class and I that i never really considered was how much concentration humans take on food. We are the only species that goes to such length and preparation just to eat a meal.  I personally love food/eating and i feed my family. So more than half my waking time is spent on deciding what to eat, getting food, cooking the food, serving food, and then actually eating. 
Since this conversation in class, i have tried to count how many hours i truly spend thinking about food. I spend at least 5 hours a day just concentrating on food which is crazy to think when other people around the world spend there days concentrated on hunger. I consider myself lucky to have food readily available for me to think about and chose what i want to eat. 

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