Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Endurance Post 5

The men have finally reached land, which lifted their spirits for a brief time. Unfortunately, the men discover they have to return to the perilous seas because staying there might have proven to be dangerous to to high tides. This was very disheartening for the men, yet they continued on in their journey. This proved to be a good decision because they shortly after found land again. This section gave a description of the new injuries the men faced, among them being infections, sties, boils, frostbite, and even a heart attack suffered by Rickensen. It is amazing how the men seem to ignore these pains in favor of pushing on.
Throughout this section, the men continue to face the same obstacles, cold weather, bad food conditions, etc. However, they are getting closer and closer to their destination which keeps them in good spirits. The books illustrates that a way the men were able to do this was by "building daydreams." This seemed like a pretty good motivator to me because it kept them thinking of the great things they would once again get to have and experience once the journey was over. I am pretty confident that since the men have been able to come this far that they will be able to get home safely and retain their good spirits.

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