Saturday, December 8, 2012

Section 3

During this section the crews’ attitude fluctuates. At one point the crew is happy and at other times they are down. Food and supplies are starting to become scarce. He allows the crew to eat more on Christmas to try and raise their spirits. If he can accomplish this then they will be more positive to the journey ahead.
            Seal blubber begins to become scarce, so dogs must be sacrificed. This is hard on some members of the crew. One pack in particular was raised by the men. So this makes it even that much harder. Overall though the crew understands that this must be done in order to survive, and that is the ultimate mission. 

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  1. I believe at some point, need for survival takes over and that's what makes them kill the dogs. A lot of people disagreed with this and I'm glad that you pointed that out. I can't take the crew's attitude changing! lol