Thursday, December 6, 2012

Endurance Part Five

     In this section of Endurance, the men have reached land finally! However, all is not well still. Shackleton wants to send a small crew, including himself, to go get help. It is decided that five men leave to go get help, while twenty two men have to stay behind and wait for them to return with help. There is not much to do while playing the waiting game, and the men are very weak from everything. They decide to build a little hut, to keep out of the wind and try to stay warm as best they can. They build the hut's walls out of rocks that are too heavy for them to move alone, because their body is worn down. The roof of the hut is the boats. The hut did its job and for the most part, kept them warm after they fixed the holes in it. The men started to get better and feel less sick while in the hut. However, someone did have to have their foot amputated.
     Personally, I am amazed the men have made it this far. After everything they've been through, their will and determination to surivve is unbelievable. I would definitely not want to be one of the twenty two that had to sit around and play the waiting game; not knowing if they were ever going to be rescued. I would want to go on the trip to get help. I was slightly grossed out when reading that a foot was amputated, because when I hear of someone getting something amputated it freaks me out. Although, I am surprised that the men lasted this long without having frost bite get the best of them. Shackleton and his crew are very determined and motivated, and I'm glad they never completely lost that determination and motivation during their trip.

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