Saturday, December 8, 2012

final post

           One thing I definitely liked about this class was the book Endurance. I felt like this went hand in hand on the topic of the course. Just the different ways the crew gained that extra push of motivation to continue their journey was remarkable. It really showed the motivation and strength a human can show.
            I also learned a few aspects of motivation from this class. I thought it was interesting to learn that if a person has too many options available to them, it actually discourages them from doing them. So it actually lowers their motivation. Another aspect I enjoyed was the one video we watched about mate selection. They gave the subjects numbers and told them to try and get a mate and make the highest number possible. The number was supposed to symbolize money. It really was an eye opener in human behavior.
            The one thing I will take from this class has to be the lessons I learned from the book Endurance. Just the strength of the men was truly remarkable. I have been a fighter in martial arts, and we always talk about a fighter’s spirit. Yes these men were not in an actual fight, they were fighting against the elements. This was a true testimony of what a fighter will is all about. This is the one aspect I can use in my training and life going forward. 

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  1. I do agree that having a side reading project really helped the class. It really made it a lot more interesting!