Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Endurance post #5

In the begining of this section the men are on an island that they fear will become very dangerous. Looking at the evidence of this danger, Shackleton decides to move the men to safer ground and then decides that a few men must make a journey to St. Georgia to find help. Five men leave the island, set out to St. Georgia taking with them the best supplies, twenty two men stay behind with what is left of the supplies. They plan to make a fort from what they have available, rocks and  their two boats. They start to make the walls out of the rocks. Rocks that should be light enough for one person to carry have to take  several men because they are too week to do so alone. They compare their weakness to that of someone who has just woken up from an illness. The men then use their boats as a roof for their hut. Then wrapped tents around it to keep the snow from getting in. The first night and the nights after they discover and fix cracks in the walls, until the hut is livable. The men with frostbite begin to get better ( from the frostbite) with the exception of Blackboro who later has to have his foot amputated because it has become apparent they will not be rescued  and taken to the hospital before his gangerine spreads. There are still other medical issues that need to be attended to but for the most part the men are warm and  have some rations left until the end of the  section when they run out of almost everything. Most specifically tobacco, it ran out despite the thriftiest men trying to save what little they had. The men took to snoking lichen and sennegrass which proved not to be as satisfying as tobacco. Even though the men were having a hard time and they had been on the island a lot longer than they had expected they still kept positive. They thought of reasons (excuses as to why the rescue ship had not come. It wasn't in their eyes, because the rescue party had been lost, but merely a storm kepping them from coming or the strong winds. Even though the situation they were faced with seemed inevitably like suicide, they still continued to think they would be rescued.

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  1. I really like how the men stayed motivated throughout the book, even when survival seemed unreachable. The twenty two men that stayed behind were very brave. I couldn't imagine staying behind while others go and get help. You wouldn't know how long the men would be, or if anything happened to them on the way to get help. You are literally sitting there, waiting to be rescued, when you are uncertain that anybody will be able to find you again. I'm sure the men were happy to be on land and not a boat, but I still couldn't imagine sitting around and waiting.