Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Project Post

           From the lectures in class to reading Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage outside of class, I learned a vast amount of terminology and an overall understanding of motivation psychology. All in all, I highly enjoyed my time spent in class and additionally, my time spent reading the novel outside of class. It was beyond interesting learning about motivation from an educational and psychological viewpoint. 

            Each and every lecture had aspects that were both extremely informative and also entertaining and stimulating. Chapter 5 discusses the homeostasis of temperature, thirst, hunger, and eating. In this lecture, there were videos shown discussing mindless eating. I was unaware that we mindlessly eat as much as we do! In the video, there was an experiment involving individuals eating out of a soup bowl that gradually would fill back up after soup was taken out of it from the individual eating it. The experiment showed that we base our hunger and our feeling of being full on whether or not our plate or bowl is full or empty- how fascinating!

            The lecture discussing chapter 3 from our textbook was the most attention-grabbing to me. It discussed evolutionary antecedents of motivation like the universal motives of sex, fear, food and music. The sex aspect of the chapter involved the explanation behind our selection of a mate. I found the Dove video the most interesting in the lecture. It shows how our society has extremely high standards for beauty and attractiveness in females.  

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