Thursday, December 6, 2012

Endurance post #6

Ah and the long journey is finally over! It is absolutely crazy to think every single member of the crew survived in such conditions for over a year. It's an unbelievable and amazing triumph these men have accomplished just to be able to live. Even when all hope was lost, they've managed to get through it all.
A lot of times during class Prof. Berg has asked us what would be the hardest part of the journey for us individually. I personally think the cold and the lack of food would be the two toughest situations for me to handle. I absolutely hate the cold, i can barely take the winter months in New Jersey. Also, I am a HUGE foodie. Eating and deciding what to eat consumes a huge part of my day already, let alone if I'm hungry.
So as this books comes to a close and we all know how it ended for the crew, reflect back and think what would be the hardest obstacle for you to overcome.

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