Friday, June 1, 2012

Post 2 Summer ( Introverts & Extraverts)

Introverts and extraverts 
Extraverts and introverts seek different activities in which they choose to involve themselves in. Extraverts like myself tend to be more social and involve themselves in many social activities that typically involve a lot of people and require lots of social interaction. However, introverts are more likely to want to keep to themselves or involve themselves in activities where there is minimal social interaction. ( Deckers, 2010, p. 221) I do believe there can be different levels of being an extravert and introvert. For example, my best friend of 25 years probably exceeds the definition of being and extravert. She has always been outgoing and will spark a conversation with any stranger without hesitation. She has no fear of anyone or anything. Her job is in sales and she is required to travel throughout Washington and Pennsylvania and sell paint. She has made rainmaker every month for the past 5 years of her job because she will stop at random construction sites and push her product. I always tell her that she has, "The gift of gab." On the other hand, even though I consider myself to be an extravert, I don't feel comfortable going up to a construction site full of men wearing my black pencil skirt, but this doesn't mean I don't talk to strangers. I love to socialize and involve myself in lots of actives. Finally, after 25 years of friendship I know the reason that we have stayed best friends for so long.

Kristy Buck

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