Sunday, June 10, 2012

I am really happy that I decides to take this class. Motivation is something we learn at a very young age because our drives, needs, and awareness are present from the time we enter the world. From a very early age I recognized as a student that I am motivated by competition. I learned alot of great concepts in this class such as hierarchical needs, biological properties, and the theories of drug addiction which explained positive reinforcers and negative reinforcers. I choose psychology as my major because I was in a relationship with someone who was addicted to prescription pills. During this time in my life I tried to help my boyfriend get off the drugs but nothing seemed to work. One day I decided to do some research on how to become a drug counselor and found out the best way was to come back to school and get a Bachelor's degree in psychology. I enrolled at Stockton and I am now a senior and this class was a great experience for me. My life changed one day when his sister called me and said he overdosed on the pills and died. Sometimes when traumatic events happen to you, a persons drive goes to zero but I look at the negative and use it to motivate me so I can reach my goal. Although he is not here any longer and I won't be able to treat or help him, I am so focused on being a successful Drug counselor that nothing can stop me now. Just wanted to share my experience on how I motivated myself I knew my plan would work and now I can work and feel good about helping others to achieve their goals. I found this video and the statics on prescription drug use is so high that on person dies every 19 minutes hope you guys like it just some information.

prescription drugs


  1. I am not psychology major and I did not take this class as psychology requirement but i can definitely relate to you. I am an EMT(Emergency Medical Technician)- my grandmothers death motivated me to that career and right now i am graduating with bachelor in biology/ per-med. I chose my career in medical and EMT due to death of my grandmother in India because lack of oxygen. It took an hour after my grand mother passed away for Emergency Service to arrive in India. From that day till today i have been motivated to help people in need and ill's. My grandmother's death is huge motivation for my career and my education. I so fall short on motivation and that's when i have positive family support as well as positive reinforcement. I as well enjoyed taking this class and I wish you best of luck with Drug Counseling :)

  2. Yes, I agree although we may go thru tramatic events that can cause some people who don't know how to cope with stress or their stressor, to feel helpless, some people such as you and I turn it into something positive. I wish you luck and keep striving, we are almost reaching our goal, congrats and stay focused and motivated, thanks.