Friday, June 8, 2012


Final post

I have learned a lot from this motivation course. I would have never thought about the many aspects of motivation or what causes someone to behave a certain way until now. It defiantly opened my eyes in a lot of new ways. What I really enjoyed learning in this course was the instinctive ways in which people are motivated to behave. I pretty much could have guessed what the extinctive motivators were but internally was the educational part for me. I’m constantly evaluating myself now. I ask myself why I’m doing this and that. It’s great because now my perspective has changed about behavior so much.

For example, I realized why I dance when i hear music. It is an internal dive that pushes me to satisfy that need which causes me so much pleasure. Other behaviors that relate to me which are instinctive are the need to satisfy safety, power, and cognition. I realize now that I am pushed to check my car and house before I enter. I am also pushed to lead when im in groups. And, I am pushed to critically think about everything so that I understand. This all happens to me under  awareness but now I have actually become aware of it.  
I hope everyone else enjoyed this class as much as much as I did. It was stressful but the end is here and it was worth the hard work. Good luck to everyone on their final exam!  
The following link is a power point slide that I put together about goals. I decided to make my final post about goals because I think that goals are also an important topic since it motivates us every day of our lives. I believe that it is important to really learn how to formulate goals in order for them to be successful. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t critically evaluate their goals before setting them.

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