Thursday, June 7, 2012

The sexual offender and neuroticism (Post 3 Amanda Stallard)

I had participated in an independent study last semester that was on the topic of the neuropsychology of the sexual offender.  In researching this topic I found a very interesting correlation between the type of sexual offender and introverted and extroverted neurotic personality traits. 
The sexual offender can be classified into two categories, the predatory sex offender and the opportunistic sex offender.  The two types of sexual offender commit similar acts of sexual violence but what motivates them to commit a sexual assault differs drastically. 
The opportunistic or impulsive sexual offender commits unpremeditated acts of sexual assault and violence (1). When the opportunity or urge for sex presents itself to the opportunistic sexual offender they become reckless and have little concern for their victims (1).  The opportunistic sex offender often only uses sufficient amount of force to carry out the sexual assault but when triggered can become extremely violent (1).  The opportunistic offender displays characteristic personality traits of the introverted neurotic.  The central traits of the neurotic introvert include shyness, moodiness, anxiousness, pessimism, and reserved demeanor (2). The disorganized opportunistic offender does not commit a sexual assault to humiliate or establish power over their victim but rather for sexual gratification (3).   
The predatory sex offender commits premeditated acts of sexual assault and violence. The predatory sex offender selects victims based upon a preference or attraction towards certain characteristics of a person.  The predatory sexual offender typically has specific physical or behavioral characteristics that they look for in a victim.  The physical and behavioral characteristic can range from something simple such as the color of the victims hair or something complex such as the way the victim walks.  The predatory sexual offender often displays extraverted neurotic personality traits.  The personality traits of the neurotic extravert can be aggressive, anxious, impulsive, and extremely excitable (2).  
The predatory and opportunistic sexual offender’s deviant behavior is recognized as primitive but also has many complex aspects that ultimately motivate a person to rape an individual.  The act of committing a sexual offense is primitive in nature and is motivated by uncontrollable animalistic urges that are intended to satisfy the basic human needs for sex and aggression.   The primitive need for sex and aggression are primary motivators for the predatory and opportunistic sexual offender.  The exact cause of deviant sexual behaviors cannot be clearly defined because the process is unique to each individual.  The motivation of the offender to commit a sexual and or violent sexual offense can have many determining factors that unfortunately are difficult to identify.  

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  1. I learned about some of this in my theories of personality class, but I enjoyed reading your post it explained it clearer. Great information