Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Post

This course was useful in helping me understand many things and especially helpful for me at work. I am a supervisor of lifeguards a relatively easy job and understanding certain aspects that this course taught was especially helpful in getting some work done with a relatively lazy staff. The concepts learned in this course also helped me realize the reason I may struggle at times when I am working my night job and it seemingly holds true that as I close in on my paycheck I start becoming motivated to work again, and how each paycheck seemingly takes precedence over my long term goal of paying off my school debt simply because of the nearness of that reward.
It was interesting to learn about the positive and negative reinforcement that drugs and gambling incur along with all of the motivators there are simply based around food and drink. I am a psychology major and always enjoy reading about the many different theories that psychologists base around a subject, in this case motivation, but I also like how philosophers Locke and Hobbes contributed to the subject. Overall I thought this was an excellent topic to base a course around because it pertains to pretty much everything we do or don’t do in life and it gave me a better understanding of the many different motivators and drives that steer people throughout their lives. The video I selected talks about what motivates us and uses animations to do so. I found the studies that this video talks about extremely interesting.


  1. i hear ya about the motivators based around food and drink. no matter how full i am, if i see some food that i absolutely love or looks amazing, i have to try it. my motivation to taste the food i love totally outweighs the full feeling in my stomach.

  2. I am a lifeguard as well. It can get extremely boring at times, but knowing that I wil receive a paycheck for doing pretty much nothing, motivates me to go into work. It also motivates me to do homework. Most of the time I am working, not a person will show up at the pool, which gives me a huge oppurtunity to just focus on my school work. The five hours spent at work I can get more done than if I was home all day. Weird, but my job motivates me.