Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saving lives everyday isn't easy... but someone has to do it.

Although people probably used the topic, motives and incentives as their first post, I thought I would bring it on back. Since it is now June, my Summer job has began again. I work as a lifeguard and pretty much get paid to laid out... it's awesome. But even though I get to lay out 90% of the time I am working, I still have to pay attention to the pool when I'm not sleeping. But getting back to what I want to discuss, motives and incentives, my boyfriend surprised me by taking off of work tomorrow because he knew how much I wanted to go to the beach! I know what you are thinking, he's a keeper, I know. But unfortunetly I have work and since I'm technically poor and mooch off of my parents for everything, I figured I should work and earn some money of my own.

I am not motivated at all to work tomorrow. The only thing that is making me actually go into work is the reward, which is money... and my paycheck since I forgot to pick it up today. However, something other than money (hard to believe) actually occurred internally for me to make the responsible decision and commit to my job. My motive was my concern with receiving a positive incentive. If I stay at work not only do I receive my earnnings for that day, but also prove to my boss and other fellow lifeguards that I'm responsible and take my work seriously. Even though this is slightly dificult for me and I have to force myself to go into work, I'm still motivated to get it done. I'm starting to think that motivation is like Jiminy Cricket. When I don't feel motivated to do something, something (incentive) drives me to do it anyway.


  1. This is so true! I was a lifeguard in high school and while there is a huge responsibility that comes with the job most of the time you are just sitting and watching. My motivation to become a lifeguard was for money because as a high school student there is not alot of job options that pay well. I completely understand where you are coming from!

  2. I was a lifeguard too and my incentives were a little different... meeting cute guys! Best.Job.Ever (beach lifeguard) Nice post, if you become a teacher you can retire as a lifeguard and collect a great pension and retire at a young age... I suggest trying out for the beach :-)