Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Post

It is important to understand motivation because motivation is what drives us to be the people that we are. Right now, having a career is what motivates me. I want to complete my bachelors with a GPA that will get me into a graduate program, that will conclude with me having the career that I want. Yet, to achieve these things I am also motivated to stay healthy, have a well balanced diet and exceed at my current job. Without these things I would not be able to achieve my main goal. Which this class helped to to understand that there were more motivating factors in my life other then school.    
This class taught me a lot about different motivators. Motivators that I had not originally ever thought about as something that made me motivated. For example, I never thought about the material in chapter 5, about thirst, hunger, and eating. I never really thought of hunger pain's being a motivator to eat, or being full as a motivator to stop eating. I had only thought of hunger in terms of natural instinct.  I added a video from Epic Meal Time, I felt this related because these men are motivated by their love of food to create ridiculous concoctions on a weekly basis.   


  1. GPA very crucial word. I have been looking at where i want to go to graduate school and what is the requirement for GPA? Come to find out requirement for graduate school in medical is around 3.30 to 3.50 above which will not guarantee an admission. Its only a "REQUIREMENT" but suggested is 3.8 and above.
    Healthy Diet for me seems to be the most impossible thing ever, even when i have my sister who lost over 80. Her lost one might think would motivate me but NO. I have tired from exercise to yoga to healthy food to pills. Nothing seems to work and i gave up till i took this motivation class. I will try one more time and see what happen.

  2. Trying to figure out where I want to apply to grad school is so stressful! And keeping my GPA up is stressful too. I just keep thinking of the end result and telling myself that my hard work WILL pay off.

  3. Maintaining your goal GPA is one of the most stressful things in school. Its crazy how you can do so well in one class and just bomb another and just watch your GPA drop because of that one class.