Friday, June 8, 2012

The End is Here (final project)

I made a short animation using youtube’s Goanimate. It is in 2 parts due to the limitations of the free version. I understand their flat voice can be a little hard to keep up with; therefore, I am also posting the text below.

(part 1)

(part 2)

The end of this class is here and I have learned many things.  Motivation is just what consciously or unconsciously moves a person into an action.  It can come from internal sources (intrinsic) or external sources (extrinsic). As an example of both, I could have read Decker’s book just because of simple pleasure of reading, but I was more pulled into it by the desire to earn a good grade.  Motivation can also be affected by many factors such as, stress, personality traits, and emotions.  Due to evolutionary past we have universal motives that we all share common, but because everyone has a variation of personality traits we can also differ in motives.  Lastly, motivation contributes to our goals which consume time, psychological energy, and physical energy.

My favorite part was learning about reinforcers, punishers, positive incentives, and negative incentives. This is something I can use if my motivation is ever lost.  For example, to motivate myself to get up extra early to exercise I can form a mental image of a nice sunrise by the boardwalk.  To look forward to exercising I can visualize the consequence of exercise as me being more fit.  This summer spiders that are being attracted by dust are becoming my negative incentive motivating me to avoid being messy and disorganized.

This was a nice, fast paced class. I hope everyone enjoys their summer.


  1. Hey! We used the same website (goanimate) for the video. I been working on my video for two days and had no idea how to convert it in-order to post it here until I saw your so thank you so much!! I had very hard time converting it to youtube because i am a free version user.

  2. What a creative way to wrap up your class experience! I also enjoyed this class. The best part was sharing in eachothers insights through this website. It is great when you can apply your knowledge to personal experience and use it to benefit!