Monday, June 4, 2012


It is the last week of class. You have 6 days left before the final accumulative test plus one more post and final project before that.  Are you ahead of everything or will you be waiting for 1-2 days before the test to get prepared? Will you be taking the test on the 11th or procrastinate and take it on the 12th even though you could take it a day early?

People often procrastinate with activities that are more pleasant and less stressful. Procrastination results in lower grades, more stress, and anxiety-related symptoms (Deckers, 2010). Despite the consequences some of us can’t stop procrastinating. Why would people continue to do procrastinate?  Well according to the article on this link;, there are a few reasons why you could procrastinate.

1) You are a chronic procrastinator.
2) You have a problem with self- regulation.
3) You have learned to procrastinate in your family.
4) Because you work better under pressure.  YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF! 
According to the article the pressure doesn’t make someone more creative, they only feel that way.
5) You actively seek distractions.
6) You are a thrill-seeker.
7) You avoid failure.
8) You cannot make a decision by yourself.

Read the article for more description on each and other things you should know about procrastination.

I could have fit right into #4 or #7. Procrastination leads to such much stress that it causes insomnia and weak immune system.  That’s why the strategy I chose to beat it is to do things little by little days before it’s due.  Before you know it the whole thing will be done early. For the last few years I’ve been able to finish any big project or essays ahead of time, but now I procrastinate with easier or shorter assignments.  I just keep telling myself, it’s not going to take me more than one hour to do it so I’ll just do it later.


  1. It's funny that you mention procrastination because today is the last day to make a post and everyone is doing it today, well except a few of us. What's funny is that I don't ever procrastinate when it comes to school work because I want my work to be flawless and if I rush to get something done at the last minute,then I feel that I have betrayed myself.

    1. I can definitely identify with number five. Take today for example I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking up videos on YouTube instead just doing my post right away. I often do that when I'm stressed or don't know how to begin a project.

  2. I procrastinate when it comes to writing a huge paper. One time i decided to not procrastinate because i knew if i did i would stay up all night and not have energy to do anything the next day. A week before it was due i got started on it, i looked up my topic and wrote down what i wanted to write about. The next day i tried to write about the ideas I had but i couldn't come up with anything, i sat there for almost an hour and thought i'm wasting my time!! I ended up changing my topic the night before it was due and stayed up all night to finish it. I guess i'll never learn.