Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Project

Motivation: to be moved into action, or decide on a change in action.

Throughout this course I have gained a broader understanding of what motivation really is and how it can be found in everything. Motivation is what drives us to live. It’s the first thing that we do unconsciously every day of our lives. If we didn’t have motivation, then why even get up each morning; brush our teeth, get ready for the day, eat, live? All of these things are driven by our internal disposition known as motivation. Our actions or behavior does not occur spontaneously but is induced by either internal motives or environmental incentives. Our motives are linked to incentives. The incentive is the anticipated reward or aversive event available in the environment. A motive is linked to an incentive because it attains an incentive as the goal of a person’s motive.

So how are motives seen? Hunger is a motive for eating. Music provides the impulse to dance. An interest charge is the incentive for timely bill paying. Motives and incentives are seen in every day life whether we realize it or not. I enjoyed taking this course because it gave me the realization and understanding of how motivation is put into action internally within ourselves and how we can view it in the world around us. I found a video that I found not only inspirational but motivational. It depicts a man who does not have arms or legs, yet it still motivated to live life to the fullest.

Check out this motivational video!

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