Monday, June 4, 2012


Until college, I never truly understood how one could eat more when they were under pressure.  I was always the opposite.  A big test came around and I barely ate anything, but it seemed as though everyone around me was eating more.  But, as I have gotten older, I have noticed if theres something huge comming up, the cookies near me seem more appitizing, or I had the sudden urge for some popcorn out of the blue.   When I was reading Chapter 5, it all kind of clicked and made so much more sense.  When my stress level gets higher, the more sugary and salty things I want to eat, and the less fruits and veggies I want to eat (which I LOVE so it was very strange to me). "What stress seems to do is to remove the diet boundary and cause eating, especially in restrained eaters, reguardless of whether they are of normal weight or obese"(123)  This is what stuck out the most to me because it seemed as though it fit me to a t.
Of course there are also reprocussions to this, which adds more stress on.  The main one for me, seems to be the side affect of eating junk food.....gaining weight.  That has never really been an issue for me, maybe its because I never used to be a stress eater, but now, the more finals and major projects come up, the tighter my clothes get.  Its something that I know personaly, dont even realize I'm doing until I go to put a pair of jeans on that did fit, and they no longer do.


  1. A lot of people tend to go for sugar when under stress because corticotropin hormone gets too high. It's important to find ways to keep the stress level low. I used to have the habit of drinking hot chocolate when stressed because I crave Chocolate.

  2. I eat when I am stressed out too. I think I like the comfort of eating. It relieves my stress a little bit.

  3. i actually think I am still the complete opposite when i'm stressed, unless i don't catch myself doing it. But I usually lose my appetite and i can go without eating and not be hungry because i'm more focused on whats stressing me out than anything else. Then after i realize it'll work out, I also start to realize how hungry I am.