Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm stressed so I'll eat.

After reading the chapter about hunger it got me thinking about times that I am hungry when I physically do not need to eat. When I am stressed I eat, I know it is different for every person but I am  not someone who loses their appetite from stress. Whether it is school, my job or something going on with my family I use or should I say "abuse food". I am definitely an emotional eater. I think out of most foods I crave sweets. I love dessert food. I think that when I become stressed out I eat because it comforts me. When I am feeling anxious and worried about a situation eating something helps to relieve the stress. I use other ways to relieve stress to like boxing and running, but food provides me with a comfort that exercising doesn't. It is funny to me though how stress and eating is a vicious cycle. I eat when I am stressed and eventually it can lead to weight gain. And when you gain weight you can become depressed and unhappy with yourself, therefore leading to more stress! You cannot escape it!

This is a short video talking about stress and eating.


  1. I am an emotional eater too and it sure is an extremely bad way to cope with the stressors in my life. I wanted to change this so I started to take a run when I was feeling overwhelmed and it helps to calm me down so much better then stuffing my face!

  2. Never realized how close stressed was to desserts till I looked at ur picture no wonder why people stress eat!