Saturday, June 9, 2012

goals what motivates me to accomplish them...

As an ADHD student is has always been hard to set a goal and remember to accomplish it within a designated time frame. my source of goals have always came from a level of aspiration, what i desire for myself in life or things that would give me a sense of fulfillment. when it came to what i wanted for myself post highschool graduation it was all just a big what should i do and how can i make myself better, while making milestone accomplishments towards graduation.

the list consisted of:
keeping a higher GPA level
finishing school to prove to certain people that i could finish schooling
staying active in the community
getting into a better school
getting into teaching
saving money
having my assiciates before i turned 21
and my bachelors before i turned 22
being out of the house by 23
and so on...

this list was made up from one of my former teachers to be placed on my fridge as a constant reminder that there were things i had to do in school and not just be distracted my a partying college life which yes is highly fun but as a distracted person this list constantly reminded me that i had small milestones that in the future lead to a bigger goal of a degree and also adulthood. the smaller the goal and more of them kept it easier to accomplish a big goal or will help achieve the goal of a bachelors in December. another factor which has made it easier was because the tasks are things i highly desire making accomplishing them more important. as i accomplish the tasks i cross them off one by one till my list is complete.


  1. Its funny that we learned that for centuries and centuries people were motivated through the same methodology; shorter reward intervals that lead us to our ultimate goals. Looking at the big picture can be daunting, but reaching small milestones are great motivation to keep you going toward your goals. I too have ADHD and it took much longer for me to get my act together! Your teacher must have been good to help keep you inspired, you should let them know how helpful it was, I am sure they would be touched. Good luck to you!

  2. i like your second goal "finishing school to prove to certain people that i could finish schooling." i sometimes feel that way too, but i am proving to myself that i can finish school. i am definitely intelligent enough to finish but after 5 plus years of school the motivation is weakening so i have to keep telling myself that i have enough motivation to finish. its a lot more fun to be lazy but will get me nothing in the long run so i am motivated to work my butt of for a brighter future for me and my family.