Monday, June 4, 2012

Attention seeking people

Growing up I have always been angry at the people who were always pulling stunts to be the center of attention, they were always the ones that everyone talked about. I deammed them (excuse my language) attention seeking whores, because it seemed like they thrived off of it, like in order to be completely happy they had to be looked at, talked about...the center of attention. I never seemed like a person who had to be known in school, my level of sensation seeking as low, but then again if you mention one of these people that were in the group of attention seekers one would know the latest gossip and activities of the person. After reading chapter 9 under the section of sensation seeking on motivation I could connect why their center of attention needs were so highly motivating for them. It all depends on the stimulus level. I am a lower seeker than others yes I like my activities and my friends but I am happy with that level. The attention seekers are not happy at my level and must have more and thrive on the attention as motivation through life. The social status was a important stimulus for them verses my social status didn't matter as highly as theirs did. I use to think that they were attention seeking and now there is a understanding of why they thrived on the attention stimulus.

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