Thursday, June 7, 2012


Everyone loves to shop and buy new things. Girls especially can relate but come on guys, admit it that sometimes it's nice to go out and buy new shirts, pants, and shoes. Shopping sometimes relieves stress which is why some people call it “retail therapy.” Whether people have a lot of money or not, they some how find themselves in the mall “window shopping” until somethings catches their attention...a BIG red clearance SALE sign. Right away they think, “Okay i'll go in just to see what they have” and end up coming out of the store with a bag. According to Deckers, “Sale notices bring customers into stores and motivate them to buy. If a shirt has a sign marked 33% off the original price, then shoppers are more likely to buy it than if it is listed for the same price without the sale sign” (245). Customers like seeing the difference between the original price and the sale price, they like to see how much they would be “saving” on an item.

I worked at a retail store for a few years and one time the store decided to have tops that ranged from $14.99-$22.99 go on sale for 50% OFF. So now the tops were $7.49-$11.49. If they bought a $14.99 top they would only pay $7.49...a few days later we had changed the 50% OFF the same tops, $14.99-22.99, to Buy One Get One Free (equal or lesser value) and almost all the tops sold out. Even though not the same customers were shopping during those days, what shoppers don't realize is that all tops HALF off was actually a better deal than Buy One Get One Free even if it was just by a penny or a few dollars. Next time when you guys are shopping make sure you don't let those sale price signs trick you and motivate you into buying something you DON'T need. 


  1. Sales can be vey tricky and it is very easy to end up buying things you don't need. I usually avoid going around looking at everything that's on sale so I won't be tempted. But I do keep an eye for when the things I do need to go on sale.

  2. I admit I am a sucker for a sale! I would have probably been one of the customers who would have fallen for the by one get one sale. I know when I am able to get something for free I get an excited rush as most people do.