Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post 3: Emotion and Motivation

                               What do Emotion and Motivation have in common? Both motivation and emotion fill us high on intensity or energy rather than direction or information. Spontaneously, both seem to be categorized by heat and pressure or cold and calmness. In-terms emotion and motivation both "move" us in some  way. Emotion and motivation both depend on the relationship between the organism and its environment. In the case of emotion, the importance is on the evaluative aspect of this relationship: how the situation makes the person feel. For example, you wake up knowing its your birthday...that excitement rushing down your body, it boils in your blood! All you can think about is the present with that delicious cake! It could be an ice cream cake or a vanilla cake or a cake that taste so fantastic that its by far the tastiest thing ever felt by you! This would be the emotion of being happy and excitement at same time.  In case of motivation, it is how the individual acts with respect to the situation that is of interest. Example of motivation is a child obeys its parents to avoid punishment. Emotions have an underlying control over people's motivations in life. As mentioned in chapter fourteen "emotions can serve as motives that push an individual into action" (Deckers, 2010). The connection between emotion and motivation can be seen in everyday life;  two teenagers, who will walk a mile to play basketball with one another but, will not cross the room to put clothes into a laundry basket. Emotion and motivation have vital roles in determining human behavior. When used wisely, your emotion and motivation can be a powerful force which helps you achieve great things.

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Relationship between Emotion and Motivation
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  1. I like how you used a birthday as an example. Typically birthdays are something that everyone looks forward to because there are gifts and/or lots of cake and junk food. However, I think little kids get way more excited then grownups.

  2. Your post was very interesting and true. I am 26 years old and every year on my birthday I feel the same exciting feeling but know that I am older its like more excitment in joy is kept in the inside now that I am not jumping on my bed anymore saying"its My Birthday"!!

  3. ahaha hhank you guys.. I was actually eating cake when writing this blog :) This class is pretty amazing. My worse subject is psychology but i was surprise by how much i learned from this class and motivation word now has new meaning to me

  4. I like how you mentioned that emotions can serve as motives that push an individual into action. Because if you really think about it any time your angry or bothered by something you have more motivation to yell at someone you normally wouldn't or even become more confrontational.