Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Post

What I learned most in this course was a greater awareness into why people behave in certain ways. Gaining greater awareness into myself and other people is one of my favorite things about being a psychology major. I enjoy coming across one of those aha moments that makes me say to myself oh okay that's why I do this. There was certainly a greater deal of those moments in this class. Mainly because motivation is everything. Without motivation we wouldn't be in college or try to form some kind life we envision for ourselves.
One of my favorite topics that the book touched on was the concept of positive psychology. The main idea of positive psychology isn't to have people walking around with a big grin on their face all the time, but it wants to help people reach whatever their optimum potential may be. One of these optimum experiences is flow "Flows refers to the desirable subjective state of a person experiences when completely involved in some challenging activity that matches the individual's skills. The activity has a clear and provides immediate feedback regarding the caliber of one's performance"(Deckers 256). A good example of this is when you feel like you've been doing an activity you are totally concentrated on for only a few minutes, but you look at your watch to see hours have passed by. I've certainly experienced this state before, but maybe not enough. The flow state is certainly a powerful incentive that I will strive for. Obviously it is a difficult state of mind to activate, which is why people choose the easier option like watch television all day. The video below is a good example of why flow is important especially in younger people.

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