Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post 3- Stess

Maria Capelli
Post 3
Chapter 7 Stress

     Before I realize that stress could weaken your immune system, I used to put my body and mind through multiple stressors. I was enrolled in school full time, dancing six days a week, and putting more stress on myself then I even realize. I eventually learned that the 'open window hypothesis' is very true. (p. 169) I was over exercising, not eating enough, and starting to miss school, assignments, and dance lessons. I would be so exhausted that I would come home, pass out, and eventually become ill. I suffered from many colds, sinus infections, etc. I finally decided that since dancing wasn't a career choice I was about to make I would have to quit. As soon as I quit dancing and putting my body though tremendous physical stress I got sick less. I had more energy, was able to focus more on school assignments, and even had a sharper attention span. As sad as I was to quit it was probably one of the best choices I made. Before I quit, I went to see a neurologist who referred me to an athletic specialist. The specialist told me I had hypotension. Hypotension is one of the conditions listed in our book for psychosomatic disorders. (p. 169) I strongly believe that the hypotension I had was caused from all the stress I was putting myself through from my life's demands at the time.
     If you are a person who is a 'workaholic', has too much on your plate, or just overall is taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, then I highly suggest slowing down. You will get more achieved by working slowly and efficiently than stressing your body and mind out and risking falling ill. I have been sick enough times to realize that taking things slow and easy is the best way to heal your body. Never try to push yourself through anything because your body and mind can only handle so much stress until it gives out. This was very hard for me to learn and extremely hard to put into practice.


  1. Maria, I reall enjoyed reading your blog. I thought this topic was very interesting as well. I used to do "too much" when I was younger and I was always sick. I never allowed my body to stop and just relax ever. When somebody is constantly on the go and can't stop to smell the flowers once in a while, it takes a major toll on your body. If I could add something in addition to your blog, I would add time management. Most people feel they don't have the option to slow down. So if they rather have something constantly to do, then managing your time very wisely would be the greatest advantage to have.

  2. Very Interesting and good view of points. I put myself to four years of college and worked two jobs, also i was taking care of my sister's kids due to her traveling(for her job). I know exactly what you mean by "SLOW DOWN" "BECOMING ILL". I constantly was sick and stressed. I went to work stressed, college and being home with kids around the house screaming would make it even more stressful. I love my niece but there were times i wanted her to just go way and leave me alone. Stress can be positive motivation or negative. In my case its positive. All the stress i have is whats keeping me going every day and motivating me to finish college, pay for my bills, take care of my niece. I do like peace and quite but that's for my vacation time. I so agree not everyone works around stress. Time = stress, so many things to do and so little time. I am slowing my self down a little due to graduation but putting more stress on due to graduate school.

  3. I also wrote a post about Stress and I can't agree more with you about feeling ill when being stressed. One of my good friends can have such anxiety and stress that she feels as if she will vomit. Sometimes our body really wants us to calm down, yet our mind won't stop worrying and going crazy. Although stress can be positive and negative, it seems lately the negatives are by far outweighing the positives.