Friday, August 6, 2021

Sexual Motivation

 Sexual motivation is influenced by biological, psychological, and social-cultural factors. Humans biologically have the need to reproduce once they reach sexual maturity. Selecting a mate is based on psychological influences. We are driven to find the best mate who will give us the best opportunity to pass on our genes. Males tend to pick females who are attractive. This is a sign of fertility, this maximizes the chance of healthy offspring. Females typically choose a male partner that is financially stable and is ambitious, this increases the chance of survival of offspring. Mate value is a person's score that makes them more attentive to another person. Some examples of mate value are a person's preference for attractiveness, financial security, and emotional stability. Social-cultural influences play into a person's mate value score. How a person’s rating on another will depend on their personal, cultural, and religious values. The fewer values that two people share the lower they will score on the mate value scale. 


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