Sunday, August 8, 2021

Characteristics of Drug Addiction

    Addiction can look like intense craving and seeking out the use of a particular drug. Addiction has a lot to do with a lack of impulse control where a person with an addiction has the inability to resist the drugs their bodies crave. When you reject people who are addicted to drugs, they will start to become emotional and lose control, which can lead to negative results. Addictive behaviors can look like lying, stealing, manipulating, obsessing, and seeking addiction treatment. More characteristics of addiction can look like the inability to stop, denial, changes in appetite, and legal and financial problems.

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  1. Sabrina,
    this is a very important topic in todays society. Many people think that in order to help people with their drug addiction they need to just remove themself from that persons life, this can be very damaging, even though people suffering from addiction don't usually realize how they are hurting and affecting those around them its still important to be there for them and continue to remind them that there are outlets for help and ways to get over this obstacle.
    great job