Sunday, August 8, 2021

Post 2: Stress Induced Eating

    Stress can be caused by many things including working conditions, family issues, and inconveniences in day to day activities. With stress, many toles are taken on the human body. Studies have shown that when individuals are stressed, there is a link that connects stress levels with the amount of food they consume. For example, when watching horror movies individuals tend to mindlessly eat larger amounts of popcorn as compared to individuals watching comedy films. This is because horror movies elicit more stress in them than comedies. I often find myself stress eating when I am upset or when work becomes strenuous. Learning more about it will definitely help me to be more mindful of these tendencies. This diagram depicts a cycle of emotional eating. 


  1. Our stressors and emotions really do control how we think, act, and behave. It is crazy how much control stress can have on our eating habits and how it becomes a cycle of stress, relief, and guilt.

  2. Stress induce eating is very common especially under high stress situations that lead to your body reacting in ways that it usually wouldn't. Stress eating leads to weight gain which then leads to guilt so it becomes a revolving door.


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