Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 Psychoactive drugs are essentially any kind of chemical substance that have an effect on a person's mood or behavior. One of the most common of these psychoactive drugs that are used is caffeine. This is interesting to me because I have never really thought of caffeine as a drug of any kind. This is probably because there is a negative connotation around the word "drug" and caffeine is extremely common in society and nobody looks down on people for drinking it. However, I can definitely see how it becomes an addiction for some people, which can lead to negative consequences. Many people wake up in the morning and their productivity for the day is completely reliant on their caffeine intake. They may even feel worse if they do not get a chance to drink caffeine. Personally, I used to drink about four or five tall cans of Monster a day, which was a lot of caffeine. Eventually, I had developed such a strong tolerance for it that caffeine did not even have any affect on my energy or mood. The only real reason to drink it at that point was because of a craving for it. I felt almost like I was just as tired, but with a faster heart beat. I stopped drinking caffeine for a pretty long time, and then I returned to it with coffee and the same thing happened again. It is interesting how our bodies can react in that way.


  1. Michael, I completely agree with your statements. Caffeine is definitely the most over looked drug there is, like you said, because of the negative connotation given to the word "drug." I too fall victim to being heavily reliant on caffeine. I noticed that if I do not have coffee at some point in my day, by the afternoon I have the worst headache and sometimes shakes. It is a hard addiction to outgrow because your body really does go through withdrawal symptoms.

  2. Hi Michael, I enjoyed reading your post on the topic of psychoactive drugs. I agree with your saying that caffeine is the most common in society, and that no one really looks down on people who drink it. I myself drink a lot of coffee I find myself craving it only when I do my homework or go to class.

  3. Hi Michael, I really enjoyed reading your post. As someone who finds it difficult to function properly without my morning coffee I can definitely see how caffeine can have some negative impacts. Often when I don't have coffee in the morning I will feel groggy throughout the day and even sometimes develop a caffeine headache. Its crazy how hard it is to lean off of caffeine once you've been drinking it for so long. Great post!