Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Self Control Post 1

Self control can definitely be a very difficult skill to develop for most people. There are many different ways to exhibit self control or a lack of self control. These ways include eating, drinking, smoking, drug usage, procrastination, exercising, and many more. Oftentimes when we act in a way that shows a lack of self control, we are acting impulsively. For example, seeing a McDonald's on the side of the road can cause somebody to act on impulse and stop for an unhealthy meal. Making impulsive decisions like this usually has consequences. The meal may taste good, but it could contribute to health problems such as obesity later on. Obesity comes with more consequences such as increased risk for countless diseases. Another impulsive decision could be to drink alcohol. It may make somebody feel good in the short term, but there is a good chance that they will wake up the next day with a hangover and potential regret. Another form of lacking self control is procrastination. When somebody decides to procrastinate, they enjoy themselves in the present, but they will end up torturing themselves in the future when they have all this work to do with no time to do it. A good example of this could be a self-paced class like this, where leaving all of the work until the last day would cause problems. In addition to that example, another example that I have seen going around regarding self control is called the 75 Hard Challenge. This challenge involves 75 consecutive days of sticking to a diet with no cheat meals or alcohol, drinking a gallon of water a day, two 45 minute workouts per day with one being outside no matter what, and reading 10 pages a day of a self-improvement book. This challenge is a serious test of self control for anybody.

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  1. Michael, I agree with you that it is difficult for some people to develop self-control. I personally believe that self control is a skill one can master once a person acknowledges that its needed in their lives to prosper.