Sunday, August 8, 2021

Post 1: Cocaine

    Cocaine is a highly addictive odorless white powder derived from coca paste. Individuals can use it by snorting it up their nose, rubbing it on their gums, or by dissolving the powder and injecting it into their blood streams. It can cause hypersensitivity to sound touch and sight, mental alertness, irritability, as well as extreme energy. Using cocaine repetitively can cause long term changes to your brain, which can lead to addiction. When your brain begins to adapt to certain doses of it, you begin to do higher doses to achieve the same level of effects previously reached. The use of this drug can lead to overdoses and side effects of these include heart attacks, seizures, and strokes.

    After learning about cocaine and the effects the drug has on the body, I became curious as to how the drug is actually made. The process that goes into forming this substance is very strenuous and dangerous. Chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, and sulfuric acid are used in the process of making this drug. This video shows some of the process occurring in the jungles of the Amazon. 


  1. Watching the TV show breaking bad they show the process of how a chemistry teacher who is actually sick makes meth to support his family because he becomes sick. The show shows the dark side of drugs and how it hurts the people around you. These drugs are doing so much harm and the world needs to stop making them, because many of them are chemically made.

  2. Lately I discovered that cocaine is a drug that is being used more commonly and when you read the side affects of this drug I question why people would do this drug. The thought of becoming addicted is scary, yet people do risk the chances. What I have found most interesting is that people tend to use this drug so they can consume more alcohol, which is also scary.