Friday, August 6, 2021


     There are many different types of drugs and each one can affect a person's body in a unique way. Drugs are extremely interesting because many people come in contact with or use them on a daily basis. Some individuals use them for medical purposes while others use them for recreational purposes. The specific term used for drugs mentioned in the PowerPoint was psychoactive drugs, which are defined as the chemical substances that alter someone's behavior and mood. Certain examples are opiates, cannabis, caffeine, alcohol and more. It is also very important to talk about and really understand the effects of drugs so people know what their bodies might be getting themselves into. Two drugs I will focus on are alcohol and caffeine. 

    To begin with alcohol, if you only drink a little of it, some individuals report that they feel more relaxed and "loose." However, too much alcohol can have a negative effect on many bodily systems. Starting off with the immune system, alcohol can slow it down. This is alarming because your immune system helps fight off different illnesses. Alcohol can also impair the central nervous system. We see this happen when people who have consumed a lot of alcohol have trouble speaking properly and have poor coordination. As for the circulatory system, alcohol can cause people to have difficulties with their heart. Examples of heart problems include an irregular heartbeat, heart attack, as well as a stroke. (Akins, 2019) These are only three of the many systems alcohol effects. Moving onto caffeine, it is a drug that is used the most. Caffeine is in numerous foods and drinks such as coffee, soda, chocolate, tea, energy drinks, etc. Certain side effects of caffeine are dehydration, anxiety, dizziness, trembling hands, bursts of energy and more. Caffeine withdrawal is also important to note because it can cause burdensome symptoms like fatigue and a headache. (Better Health Channel, 2020) As a person who consumes a lot of caffeine, I relate to this topic since I have experienced many of these symptoms. It can be difficult when the headaches occur especially if you want to lessen your caffeine intake because it feels as though coffee is the only thing that can fix it.

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