Monday, July 10, 2017

Why is motivation important to you?

Why is motivation important?

Is Motivation important to you? Can you do things without motivation? Have you ever wondered if you can recharge that fuel tank? Well, let us talk. 
Every time we listen to the innate sense of motivation, we charge ourselves. We become essentially a bigger and better person. Since, we may be prone to be lazy, every time we utilize the bit of inspiration inside ourselves, we become more of who we are. 

It is easy to dive back into the negative thought pattern. As human beings we are vulnerable to misjudgment and characterizing ourselves as weak, feeble, and unable to accomplish anything we set out our minds to. But the truth is that we can. Did you hear of the phrase that "Impossible is nothing." Well, it is time to think about it more often. 

Watch this video: it is inspiring. 

The crux of this motivational video is to self-motivate yourself as a fellow human being. We all have depleted levels of motivations during our times of darkness, sadness, and inability to cope with life. The important thing of life and of all this is that you need to be resilient and get back up on your feet, dusting your pants. 

Resilience is the thing that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. We all falter as without failing we would not have the innate drive to succeed. I recall watching the Home Run Derby today. Apparently, many of the baseball players were never selected on their varsity teams. 

This drive to prove themselves and the thirst to make it known that they are not weaker than anybody led them and gave them the ability to once again be in the front of the camera, with the limelights, and end up being stars. 

I feel if you set your mind to anything, then you can and will accomplish it. Yes, there will be hurdles along the way. Yes, you may have to stay up at all night, writing posts and papers, and yes you may not even sleep. Yet, the important thing of all is that you keep trying. One day or another, it will be your day! And, when it is your day, you will be the one smiling and the world will see. 

Your face will be radiating, and protruding nothing but immense happiness, love, loyalty, and honesty for all you do. No one can steal anyone's future. You have the power and the destiny to make your future on your own self-will, focus, and dedication. Dedication to your craft, and the ability to hone your own skills is not easy. But, with conviction comes determination, and these two quality, including the former, are unstoppable. 

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