Friday, July 21, 2017


How does everyone reward themselves after completing a task?  For me, if I feel that I have done enough to reward myself, I usually treat myself to some Taco Bell. It may not sound like much but to me I absolutely love it and since I space it out so much it's a nice treat when I have had a solid few weeks of working out and eating clean.
Taco Bell is not the only thing I will treat myself to. When I have a hard assignment for school that is taking up all my time. I will sit down and try to get it all done and once I finish it I will go hiking that following weekend to reward myself for completing the task.

I plan on doing a lot of hiking at the end of this semester!!

I think it is important to reward yourself for everything you have done. If it's small tasks or big tasks as long as you have given it your all a reward is important to keep you motivated to complete future tasks.


  1. I agree! I reward myself a lot. Self-care is huge for those of us with busy, stressful lives. On most Fridays after a long work week, where I feel like I accomplished a lot, I'll reward myself with a really nice dinner. I'll go to Gallagher's or the Palm in Atlantic City. Yes, it's overprices but it's delicious and helps me unwind from the week. Thinking about that Friday night dinner reward helps me get through the difficult stressful days!