Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Body and The Motivation Behind It

How many times a day do you scroll through Instagram and or Facebook, or any type of social media and see this?

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What gives us the power and drive to keep us from being the everyday couch potato, to becoming a body builder, especially during the summertime? In an article written by the Huffington Post, states that there are five ways to motivate yourself to stay get and in shape. Did you hear that? MOTIVATE! As you guys know...

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The article states the five ways are setting goals, creating an image of how you want to look, make an appointment with a friend to get to the gym, listen to music at the gym that you like, and reward yourself when you hit goals. A reward system is very successful when sticking with workout plans, because they become reinforcers. Many people give in too fast because they do not see fast results, and therefore they do not reward themselves, causing a big ugly cycle of fad dieting and self loathing. Sticking to the gym with a normal daily routine for a few weeks, with rewards here and there will help reinforce the habit, and it will become a part of your everyday routine. You'll start spend more time lifting these...

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in no time at all, with a little help of motivation, rewards, and reinforcement. 


  1. Nice post Madison. I liked your pictures.

  2. Cool post Madison and it's just what I needed to hear actually. I joined a gym a few weeks ago and don't feel as motivated to go as when I first joined. I'm going to check out that article you posted and get some tips. The reward system idea is a really good one.

  3. Samra,

    I felt the same when I first joined a gym. It's like excitement wears out.

    1. Yes! You're right Ramanpreet. I go for a few days then start to feel bored.