Monday, July 24, 2017

Food Neophbia

Food Neophobia

Mr. Berg said stated from our Lecture Slides that Food Neophobia is the tendency to avoid novel foods and to prefer familiar foods. To me this video displayed my way of eating of my 28 years of living. I am a very very picky eater just like the little firl in this video. I pick at chicken when im eating because I do not like dark meat or seeing the veins. The only green vegetable that I will eat are peas but it has to be  saturated in butter and the only way that i will eat spinach is if it was cooked with cheese. I do not like to try new foods but I make my children eat everything. I wish I was more like them but my parents never forced me to eat what I did not like. I swear if I was in the endurance I would of starved to death because I could never eat Seals and Penguins. I will never be a Omnivorous I am extremely too Picky.

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