Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu** by Mark Manson : A Counterintuitive Approach to living a good life

The Subtle Art of Not giving a F*ck was a great book. Written by Mark Manson, the crux of the book is to stop trying. It doesn't mean to simply be indecisive and not take action, but means to hone your skills and talent on ideas you know you can carry through with and discard time and energy on activities that may be meaningless. As simple as the book was, the beauty lies in its' simplicity. 

A Quote that Deeply resonates with me:

One quote on page 95 resonates with me. It states the following: "It comes back to how, in reality, therein no such thing as not giving a single f*ck. It's impossible. We must all give a f*ck about something. The real question is, What are we choosing to give a f*ck about? What values are we choosing to base out actions on? What metrics are we choosing to use to measure our life? And are those good choices- good values and good metrics? 

I apologize for the profanity but this New York Time Bestseller has a lot of that. It is so simple and it is brutally honest and I recommend it to people and all the students in the class. As Mark Manson states, I do agree with, see the following:

From psychology to taking action and pursuing your dreams, this book covers everything. Whether the story of leaving your 9 to 5 job and embracing the writer inside you to just simply seizing the moment and ensuing "Carpe Diem," I believe this is an inspirational book. 

How does this relate to real life as opposed to reel life? Well it does. For one, if you dispute with your boss, friend, or colleague, there is always that messed up thinking pattern that may lead you to guilt, frustration, or even self-doubt. But, according to this book, putting your mind and energy to things that will advocate your determinant nature and abilities is a productive time attribute and helps you grow as a person. If you keep thinking about that, you will drive yourself mad. However, it is that ability to distract yourself and do something that can make you a greater individual is what life is all about and you can only devote your time to a certain amount of integral things in life. Hence, know where to spend them. That is absolutely key. 

How does this relate to the class or something I have learned through the class? Well, it does in a number of different ways. For one, the class title itself "Motivation" is a mindset greatly talked of in the book. When you feel the most down, it means that you have been devoting your time, attention, and a whole lot of attitude towards unnecessary things. If you channel those very creative juices and ideas to your passion, such as poetry, dance, or music, then that is a greater asset to your time and it can make you well-versed. I think it relates to endurance because life is challenging and you need a lot of grit. 

It is simply not about survival. It is about making your life the best possible life. I think this is what I essentially take from this creative book. My favorite part of the book would have to be when the author states that nothing is constant. He makes it solely clear that we are never going to get what we think we deserve. However, the best thing to do is give it your best and just wait for the rest to happen.


  1. This seems like a book that I could probably relate to. Most individuals that come in contact with me are constantly complaining about my nonchalant, i don't give a f*ck attitude. Sometimes, I wish I could, but I realize that my life is much more happy and I experience much more success with this type of thinking. I used to be one who was always burdened with caring too much about various obstacles in life until one day it literally almost killed me. Ever since that day I find it refreshing to consciously channel all you energy into the brighter side of things instead of investing in the flaws of the day. Great recommendation!

  2. Hey Chavonne,

    You might not realize it but worrying is one of the biggest cause of illness. Glad you found your happy place. I relate to this worrisome nature but trying to figure out how to steer clear.