Thursday, July 27, 2017

Book Report - Why We Do What We Do - Understanding Self-Motivation

Book Report:  Why We Do What We Do – Understanding Self-Motivation

General overview:

This book was better than I expected.  It wasn’t too long to read and it kept you interested throughout.  This book is about human motivation.  It distinguishes the differences between the type of motivations (autonomous (uncontrolled) or guided (controlled)).  It really opens your thoughts on how simple life can be if you learn to adjust your ways of thinking. 

After reading this book I decided to actually keep it for future reading.  I think this book is a definite keeper.  Below I attached YouTube video that is a summary that I thought was right on point.

Favorite part of book/why you like it/how it relates to the class:
Chapter 13/The Meaning of Human Freedom (page 206)

In the paragraph that reads “Human freedom leads to authenticity” is the most powerful paragraph to me because it hits home with me.  After many years I have finally come to terms with not pleasing everyone before myself.  I have realized through my years of disappointments, divorces, lost friendships, etc. that if I am not totally happy with myself then I can’t be who I truly am.  I no longer try to conform to people.  I don’t sugar how I feel and I firmly believe that if you don’t want the truth from me then don’t ask. 

The paragraph then states “it is about being who we truly are”.  I am almost 48 years old and I can honestly say that I am finally who I am.  I am centered and so motivated on success for myself.  I have no problem saying I don’t have many friends since I have re-invented myself but I’m ok with it.  I like my circle small.

This part of the book relates to the class because if one doesn’t motivate oneself to be happy then how can that someone have true freedom. 

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