Monday, July 17, 2017

Impusle Control

I always have a problem with acting on impulse and not thinking things out clearly first. One of my biggest problems was spending all of my money right away and not saving it. Once I got paid for the week all my money would go right to useless things that only gave me tempory enjoyment.

After realizing how much money, I was spending I knew I had to learn how to not be so impulsive. I decided I needed to write down all my goals and determine how much money I wanted to save every week.

Saving money became easy once, I realized how much money I was saving by not spending it on junk through out the day.  I also only allow myself to bring a small limited of cash with me so I do not spend any more money than I need to. My debit and credit card stay home and are only used for emergencies now.

Since taking these small steps I have been able to have some impulse control, especially with money. I plan on taking more steps to help other impulses that I have but one step at a time.


  1. Hi Sean,

    You are not the only one. I had the same problem but what I find important is that you reward yourself when you do something. In this, you saved money and you get to spend.

  2. I am the worst when it comes to saving money as I get excited when I get it, that I must spend it. It is impulsive on my part but I am slowly learning to understand how to save.

  3. I too have the same problem it is so hard to save money. Every time I get paid I always spend unnecessarily money on my house or my children. Then a week later I find myself borrowing money because I either ran out of gas or had an emergency. When all along I could have been saving but because of my Impulsive control I could not help my self but to spend,spend and spend. i too am learning to budget my money so that i can save a little instead of being broke every other week. This was a great post by the way!

  4. I read this post and I was like “yep that is me”. I am an impulsive person. If I was rich I would be broke. I do save money however I tend to see something and want it ASAP. I do budget myself but I also like to splurge too much. Having a family definitely helps me manage my impulsive behavior better. I feel guilty now if I spend money I shouldn’t be. I don’t carry any money with me anymore and use my debit card (seems to help). Thanks for you input.