Friday, July 28, 2017

America's caffeine intake, why it is the most abused drug known to man

The average amount of coffee the American consumes a day is 3 cups. This equals to roughly $1000 a year on coffee, or a weekly habit of $20. That is around the equivalent to 469 gallons of gas at $2.13 a piece, 164 lbs of bacon, 775 Snickers bars, and not to mention a few shopping sprees. So what makes caffeine such an addictive drug?

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If this is you when you do not get your daily dosage of caffeine, maybe we should take a look at what is occurring when you consume a Cup O'Joe. Caffeine is in everything from sodas, to energy drinks, to coffee, tea, and even food. When your body registers the caffeine that you just consumed, you will feel alert and energize, and more like this...

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When the body absorbs the caffeine, it is sent to the brain to shut of the Adenosine receptors(Medical News Today). Adenosine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that allows oxygen to the brain and dilates the blood vessels located here.It also helps with aiding in sleep. Since caffeine binds to the Adenosine receptors, that means no more slowing down the nervous system to allow sleep. Caffeine will keep us going until it wears off, or until we crash. And thus comes a vicious and ugly cycle of coffee after coffee. And that is where our society has become the caffeinated one that it is today.


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