Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Finding what it is you are passionate about: It's hard but you can do it!

What are you inspired by?

What comes to mind when I say passion? You probably have a number of answers. It can range from singing, dancing, and art, to reading, helping others, or being a leader.

I know for me the inspiration is singing. I know that I really am a horrible singer, but it doesn't stop me from pursuing to sing. Ever since I was a kid, I recall singing for guests and when my parents would ask me to sing, I would always be ready. I have grown listening to punjabi music and as a grew older I started to listen to pop music across the world. I like music of Reggae, Jazz, and Pop, and Hip Hop. I can listen to almost anything. 

But what I must say is that you should always pursue things that are close to you. Never do anything that anyone else tells you. You have to find what you are passionate about regardless of the haters and the naysayers. You will, and I know you will. You are simply amazing!


  1. I have always found passion in exercising. I am not always the strongest or fastest from the people I work out with but it never stops me from enjoying myself. Every day I work out I give it 100% and I know as long as I've accomplished that small task it's allowing me to embrace my passion.

  2. Knowing your happiness paths and the way to attain them and then tread on them is brilliant on your part Sean. I am glad that you found it in exercise as you keep your moods and body equally healthy through this rigorous activity.

  3. I have also found a passion in fitness. At first it was to lose weight, but now it is more of a mental health tool that I use. It helps calm me down after a long day. I love feel accomplished after a good gym session, and I always feel on top of the world!